Winter 2013 - Why is it going to be so bad? The animals know!


1.On May 17th, 2013 we have a very late frost. In years pass this indicated a bad winter following.

2. On August 13th, 2013 I was attending a car show that was hosted by a local farmer. In the field where the show was set there was also tame deer very approachable. These deer had winter coats growing already. In August!

3. On August 22 while moving some rocks in a front garden I found a wooly worm, black, very black.

4. All thoughout the month of August and September, normally a very hot month, I watched birds migrate as if it were November.

5. Each year we have two sets of Canadian geese at our pond, summer geese and winter geese. The summer geese usually leave around October and the winter geese arrive in December. This year the summer geese left in August and the winter geese arrive in November. The winter geese usually stay all winter. The winter geese have already left! In the last ten years they have never done this.

6. I have a Begal and a Degal, both started winter coats in August.

7. I also entertain a Tegu (large lizzard), and he stops or slows his intake when the seasons change. The last two years he didn't slow his eating until December. This year, in September.

8. So much heat left in the Atlantic, both off the east coast and the gulf! So much heat left in the Pacific, and sending moisture across the entire US.


(4)Formal weather bulletins sent to each east coast State Governor - Including Georgia

001eus1 Sent in October 4th, 2013
001eus2 Sent in November 28th, 2013
001eus3 Sent in January 2014
001eus3u (update) Sent on March 23rd, 2014

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